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Writing Motivation How to Persevere in Writing When You Want to Give Up

Composing Motivation How to Persevere in Writing When You Want to Give Up Composing Motivation: How to Persevere in Writing When You Feel Like Giving Up Composing inspiration is flighty. It travels every which way yet the sentiment of needing to surrender may wait even longer.So how would you drive forward recorded as a hard copy in the event that you want to offer up?Contrary to prevalent thinking, scholars and writers dont simply need to compose throughout the day consistently. Perhaps the extremely uncommon individual does, yet that is not the normAnd so scholars must figure out how to reach past themselves and see how to remain spurred to compose and continue on until they wrap up a book, particularly on the off chance that you need to independently publish a book.Heres how to keep your composing inspiration high:Learn how persistence recorded as a hard copy worksForming a composing habitGather the correct composing toolsIncrease composing inspiration through dedicationKeep your composing datesKeep the archive visibleDo composing sprintsConnect with other authorsBe kind to yourselfNOTE: If you need a framework just as a responsib ility asset to keep up your composing inspiration, look at our VIP Self-Publishing Program where we do only that (with 1-on-1 instructing) and substantially more. Become familiar with it hereHow Perseverance Works, Even in WritingI’m going to begin with indicating you a picture of my nine-year-old’s determination that can be applied to anyone.Every week she climbs a 16 ft rope at her vaulting class. She concluded that she was going to make it to the ringer around 2 months prior and she has consistently climbed further up the rope each week.Her hands slide up the rope with exactness, her knees are out like a butterfly and she utilizes her entire body to move up the rope. Consistently I shoot a Facebook live video of her.And consistently the time it takes her to climb the rope decreases.Preserving recorded as a hard copy is a ton like my 9-year-olds assurance to wriggle her way up the rope.It is climbing, hand over hand, utilizing all the assets you need to watch out for the completed objective. In my little girls case, it is the chime at the highest point of the acrobatic rope. For my situation, it is completing my second book this year. At the point when my loved ones get some information about my first book, how much time it took, and what props me up, I shrug and state, â€Å"I began taking a shot at it reliably in November.† I went from thought to independently published in a half year. Obviously, that was with purposeful, continuous composing times and the assurance to prop up in any event, when it was hard.You can compose a book as well. You simply need to benefit as much as possible from consistently and proceed on your excursion, in any event, when it is hard.How to Form a Writing Habit to Maintain Writing MotivationIt isn't in every case simple to reliably compose. Truth be told, there are days when it is out and out HARD, however we as a whole have the equivalent 86,400 seconds in each and every day.How we decide to utilize our ti me is something that separates the individuals who continue on recorded as a hard copy against those that don’t. And framing a composing routine and propensity is the most ideal approach to get that going. I dont possess a great deal of energy for composing during the day-so I need to make time. The most perfectly awesome time for me is to wake before the sun and go through the initial two hours of my day composing and making. I do discover little pieces of time throughout a split at school to pull up the google doc application on my telephone and compose a couple of words. In any case, as should be obvious by Chandler’s video about burnout, it is too imperative to make rigid limits about your life and your composing schedule, with the goal that you don’t burnout and you’re ready to proceed writing.Gather the Writing Tools to Help Writing MotivationSometimes those limits incorporate utilizing the correct devices for composing, which will likewise assist you with persisting and keep you propelled to continue onward. The correct apparatus or composing programming is commonly not your phone.That’s not to state that you can’t have your telephone as an incidental device; nonetheless, it is similarly as essential to get that on the off chance that you haul your PC out and go to your devoted composing space, you will probably achieve much more. There are various individuals and individuals who get things done in various manners. In the composing network, we call them plotters and pansters, or disclosure essayists. The plotters plan each and every detail out and they are then ready to gather their stories. The pansters accept circumstances for what they are and get things going by basically placing single word before the other. Here are probably the best instruments for writing:A word preparing program (like Microsoft Word or Google Docs)A journalA clear bit of paperA notebookA pen/pencilA keyboardKeep as a top priority that the word processor you use can have a tremendous effect recorded as a hard copy motivation.For model, utilizing something like Scrivener to follow your statement tally and objective line can keep you pushing to arrive at the end.Check out our Scrivener Tutorial underneath if youre inquisitive to find out additional. Continue Writing Motivation Through DeterminationWhen I am well on the way to need to quit, I typically get some motivation from somebody that I’ve permitted to peruse my work to assist me with continuing onward. On the off chance that that’s impractical, I connect with the #writingcommunity on Twitter and somebody there will offer me some savvy guidance like take a walk. Such huge numbers of journalists fantasy about being able to telecommute, never get dressed on the off chance that they don’t need to, and being an authorpreneur. Be that as it may, it takes a ton of steadiness to get there.It takes the devotion of finding the one time in your day to keep a meeting with the most significant VIP in your life: yourself.How to Maintain Writing Motivation Even When it Gets ToughMy composing mentor, R.E. Vance, disclosed to me that the most noticeably awful thing I can do isn't to take a gander at my composition for a couple of days. He said that when you aren’t connected with it, it takes more time to move to the creation part since you need to re-read, make sense of where you are, and you lose momentum.So follow these means for driving forward in your composing venture each day.#1 Keep a Writing Date With YourselfYou are a big cheese in this clear page to distributed procedure. All in all, discover a period that works for you, regardless of whether that is promptly in the first part of the day or after your family is sleeping for the evening, and devote five, ten, twenty-five minutes, or an hour to chipping away at your book.â€Å"But I am tired.†Guess what? You’re taking advantage of those 86,400 seconds in a day by finding a couple of moments to focus on composing. By and by, I am a morning essayist. I realize that I am much more averse to be hindered toward the beginning of the day than at some other time.#2 Keep the Document Open and VisibleWhen you open your work in progress record, you’re setting yourself up for success.You realize that you need to add more words to the page and you can do this by just putting single word down and tailing it with the next.You can alter awful composition, yet you can’t alter a clear page.Thats why keeping the doc open, regardless of what composing programming you use, can help keep it top of brain. Consider it like keeping a clingy note out reminding you.Whenever you sign on to your PC, youll have a suggestion to compose directly before you.#3 Do Writing SprintsFor those of you who dont know, composing runs are the point at which you set a clock and just compose as much as possible during that time. You dont return and read, you dont alter, you simply compose and continue composing until the time is up.Set a clock for a couple of moments. It very well may be one moment, it very well may be two minutes, or it can twenty minutes.You get the chance to choose how long you need for a run and afterward during that timespan, you just write.You compose the same number of words as you can in that run and maybe it will move you to do another sprint.If you need to have greater responsibility do this, bounce on Twitter and search the hashtag #writingsprints to discover individuals who are as of now searching for running buddies.This can assist you with staying with it and afterward be responsible for it simultaneously, since many post their assertion tallies after (for the most part followed by more sprints).#4 Connect With Other AuthorsSometimes we need a little inspiration to prop us up. Most different writers are more than ready to help you when you’re feeling down.Reach out to the writer networks on Facebook, Tw itter, and Instagram. They regularly have guidance for you, regardless of whether it is on their web journals or through direct messages.If youre not certain where to go to discover different essayists, here are some hashtags you can use to look and discover individuals writing in your genre!PlatformHashtagsTwitter-#amwriting - #writerslife - #authorlife - #aspiringauthor - #writerproblems - #[yourgenre]writerInstagram-#amwriting (as in, I am composing) - #writerslife - #fantasywriter, #scifiwriter, #contemporarywriter, and so on - #writerprobs, #writerproblems - #writersofig, #writersofinstagram, #writersofinstaFacebook-#amwriting (as in, I am composing) - #writerslife - #fantasywriter, #scifiwriter, #contemporarywriter, and so on. - #writerprobs, #writerproblems#5 Be Kind to YourselfThe inquire about from essayist Joseph Epstein says that over 81% of Americans accept that they have a book in them, yet not many will put n the work to do it.You, in any case, are doing it and this me rits recognition.Often times we get down on ourselves, yet during circumstances such as the present, you have to make sure to address yourself like you would a companion. At the point when I converse with a companion about my composition, they give me praise and acknowledgment for the things I am doing. You ought to address yourself as you would address a companion. Composing Motivation from other AuthorsAny writer will reveal to you that there will be days that you just would prefer not to compose, however many have stunts to help beat the composing void.Here are a couple of my preferred blog entries on finding the tirelessness in your composing routine:7 Common Writing Mistakes that Will Stop You Finishing Your BookHow to Write Every Day (and why you should)9 Steps to Set Writing Goals and Commit to Your Book Writing PlanJust Write Every Day Of Your Life How to build up a day by day wr

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Things to Consider when Designing and Operating a Smart Factory

Things to Consider when Designing and Operating a Smart Factory Industry 4.0, or the so-called “fourth industrial revolution”, puts heavy emphasis on the role of automation and the Internet of Things in digitizing and streamlining the entire production process, thereby resulting in an ideal factory, where delays are eliminated or, at best, minimized, wastage are kept to a minimum, and efficiencies are improved without compromising product quality. This is known as the “Factory of the Future” or, to put it in simpler terms, the “Smart Factory”. © | SentavioIn this article, you will learn about 1) what the smart factory is, as well as 2) designing and running a smart factory.WHAT IS THE SMART FACTORY?The Smart Factory also goes by other names, which basically mean the same thing. The more popular ones include “Smart Manufacturing” and “Intelligent Factory”. The names that are more in use, however, are “Smart Factory” and “Factory of the Future”.There are several ways to define and describe the Smart Factory. Some describe it as a factory that will be comprised of systems that are significantly more intelligent and dynamic than the systems currently in use in manufacturing processes. Others say it is a factory that is certainly more flexible, and operates under the concept that the processes will be interlinked across networks.When we speak of factories getting smart, it means that these manufacturing concerns will focus more on utilizing their best talent, and establishing or building indust rial infrastructure that are designed to handle increased connectivity among all sensors and devices that are involved in a complete production line. This connected factory design that has become associated with the phrase “Smart Factory” is expected to increase growth and add value to the entire production chain.Factories of today follow a certain system, depending on the nature of the operations and functions, and they are organized accordingly. However, in the Smart Factory, which is designed to be more intelligent and flexible, the organization will be done in a different manner. The difference lies in the use of networking. It also has a broader application, since the organization is not done on a per process basis. Instead, entire production chains are connected with each other.The usual system would have, for example, the suppliers and logistics working separately from the product development process. In the same manner, factory and production planning will deem itself to be independent from the enterprise resource planning. Within the Smart Factory, their functions will impact each other.The present setup of factories also follows a fixed program of operations, which could be very limiting and restrictive. As such, they are not allowed to deviate from what has been previously planned or programmed, even if doing so would enable production process to have improved efficiencies. In a setting that adapts the Smart Factory, processes can be easily improved as they, as well as the machinery and various equipment in use within the process, are designed for self-optimization. Decision-making will also be quick, since autonomy is granted within the processes.Benefits of Smart ManufacturingThere are many reasons why manufacturers would feel compelled to make that transition to smart manufacturing and set up their own “factory of the future”.Real-time capability and resultsSmart manufacturing enables real-time collection of data, real-time analysis of th e same, and consequently real-time decision-making.This is considered to be the ultimate reason why anyone would want to have a Smart Factory. Taking advantage of the benefits of connectivity, networks and communication sensors, to name a few, will cut through the usual “long-way-around” operations. In any manufacturing process, time is considered to be money, and the more time that is spent unnecessarily on a single phase of the process is money wasted.Streamlining operationsHow many times have we come across manufacturers hitting themselves over the head once they realize they are spending a lot more than they should on production processes that are not really necessary, or could be simplified? Smart manufacturing makes streamlined operations possible, so the company will have more savings.EfficiencyThe overall efficiency of the production process â€" and the organization as a whole â€" will greatly benefit from the application of smart manufacturing concepts. This is closely related to the results of having streamlined operations. Perhaps this is most apparent in energy consumption. For example, the energy consumption on the old production process can be cut down in almost half once the whole process has been reevaluated and shortened considerably by doing away with stages that are not required or combining complimentary phases together.Employee safety and comfortIt is a fact that not all factories are really employee- or worker-friendly. It could be that the workers directly involved in the production process find their work environment unsafe or uncomfortable. With the streamlining of operations, efficiencies are improved and management will have more time to focus on the welfare of its employees, particularly their safety and comfort. Thanks to automation, tasks that were usually performed manually will also be more manageable.Similarly, the tools and machines that will be used in the production process are also designed to reduce worker fatigue, as well as pollution. Stress levels will be lowered considerably, if only for the simple reason that the workplace is more conducive to working, especially during prolonged periods.And it is not just the lower-level workers that will benefit from this. Top management, or those that have to make the decisions will also be aided by information that is updated and accurate.Key features or characteristics of a Smart FactoryOut of the many â€" often confusing â€" descriptions or definitions of Smart Factory, we can glean several of the key features or characteristics that define it.Automation: Automation is said to be the key component of the Smart Factory. Through automation, particularly connected automation, factory efficiency will be vastly improved. This is thanks to labor costs and overhead being reduced, as the operations have become more streamlined. A smart factory will utilize an infrastructure that is better equipped to handle and manage a larger number of sensors and connected d evices across the production line, using industrial Ethernet protocols. Lately, we see more automation options being developed, purposely to be integrated into factory machinery and equipment, allowing them to communicate with other devices.Industrial internet: Smart Factories are supported by the infrastructure known as Industrial Internet, which is comprised of hundreds and thousands of sensors and devices that are managed by one central command or operator. This serves as the link that connects everything together.Interconnection of systems within a system: In a Smart Factory, we are not talking of just one system working within the manufacturing process. More often than not, you will be looking at one system, which happens to be one among the several other systems that are interconnected or interlinked within a bigger, broader system. Perhaps the most identifiable systems within a Smart Factory are the cyber-physical systems and, thanks to adapting smart manufacturing concepts, each cyber-physical system has autonomy to make decisions on its own. In short, the Factory of the Future is pretty much a system of systems that involves manufacturing systems, workpiece carriers, assembly lines, and automated workstations, all interconnected via the Internet of Things.DESIGNING AND RUNNING A SMART FACTORYAdapting the Smart Manufacturing concept requires that we must first look into the main requirements. There are three identified critical components of a Smart Factory, and they are the ones that need the most attention when designing and running a smart factory.1. TechnologyThe whole setup or architecture of a Smart Factory will not be able to hold any ground without technology.The production facility may already have a system in place with respect to how the process is conducted and controlled. It may also be staffed with the most skilled and most talented workers. That does not mean, however, that they can stop looking for better, faster and easier ways to carr y out each phase of the production process, subsequently improving the entire process in the long run.This is why many are turning towards integration in order to improve the already existing manufacturing architecture. In the past, the traditional perception of manufacturers with regards to integration is having a set of devices being interconnected, such that communication is facilitated and becomes faster, with a central command center where all data gathered during the communication processes are collected and stored for future use.That is no longer the case today (and in the future, if the trend in technological advances continue the way it is going now) as integration has gone beyond simple connectivity. Today, integration has become more comprehensive, encompassing a wider and broader scope. Most technologies are improved so that they have a lot more to offer, such as wireless networks, devices becoming more portable, and having more options when it comes to visualization too ls.Cross-device communication arising from high-technology automation is seen as one of the best things about a smart factory. In regular factory settings, although there are many machinery and equipment â€" robotics, even â€" that are utilized for communication along one production line, this is still quite limited. For one, it works along a single production line alone, and there is still a need for a human operator to keep an eye on things.In a smart factory, the technology employed in the automation process covers more than a single production line; in fact, it is meant to manage the entire manufacturing process of the organization. And there is no longer a need for a human operator manning the controls, so to speak, at each phase.2. PeopleSmart manufacturing will not succeed without the human factor. Who will operate the machines? Who will develop the technology and integrate them into the production line? Who will analyze the data or information gathered and, ultimately, make the decisions?Human resource is one of the most important aspects of management and operations. This involves hiring the right people, with the right skill sets and qualifications for the job, and managing them so as to ensure continuous productivity.There is this general misconception that, as a company becomes more automated and the process undergoes digitization, the need for manpower will be reduced. In fact, some even think that the use of machines and technology will soon render manpower or people to become redundant. That is not entirely correct. There are bound to be changed in the human resource make-up of an organization once automation for smart manufacturing is in place, but they can never completely do away with needing the human factor to keep the processes working.The introduction of the Smart Factory is sure to require an upgrade in the manpower or talent requirements of a company. There will be a need for more machine operators, engineers, and even supervisors and m anagerial positions with the skill sets that are needed for smart manufacturing operations. Streamlining the production process via digitization is bound to render some tasks (and some people) redundant, but that does not mean that human assets will no longer be required. They will still be needed, albeit in different capacities, or with modified requirements or qualifications.3. Operating SystemIn order to have a fully operational and successful Smart Factory, there has to be a well-defined operating system. What, exactly, will having a well-defined business operating system do? For starters, it will facilitate measurement. With a system in place, obtaining information and data will be done in real time, and measurement and the subsequent processing of these data will also enable making decisions â€" also in real time. Calculations and analysis, as well as reporting, will also be automated. Essentially, everything will be faster, because it will cut down the usual length of time of tedious manual work. Similarly, as it is already systematized, the probabilities of incurring errors will be reduced, as the human factor is also lessened to a certain extent.IT SECURITY BY DESIGNIn designing and running a Smart Factory, another factor that must be considered is IT Security. If you ask many experts on Smart Factories, they would say that “IT-security by Design” is the most important design principle, reiterating that IT security must be considered in great detail throughout the whole Smart Factory planning stage. Many make the mistake of inserting IT security parameters only after the Smart Factory has been set up, and this is not really a good idea, if you are going for efficiency and effectiveness in your smart manufacturing blueprint.The Smart Factory environment entails the utilization of intensive digital communication between and among machines, networks and sensors, across divisions, companies or industries, as the case may be. This means getting the int ernet to work for you in sharing often critical information across channels.This calls for action when it comes to the issue on data and information security. Information that flows across the communication network within a factory or a company already merits high levels of security; the challenge and the risk becomes higher once the information is shared across external networks.Paying attention to IT security is very important for a Smart Factory, as it is one way to reduce business risks. Thus, management must invest in cyber security measures that will cover all aspects of the business, not just the technical or manufacturing side.Here are some notes to be aware of when addressing the issue on IT and data security:It is a collaborative effort among all members of the organization. It’s not just a decision that has to be made by top management, or planned by the technical departments. Thus, everyone has to be involved. Obtaining the input of every department is a good starting point. On the maintenance side, it would be a good idea to conduct regular trainings and campaigns centered on raising awareness among members of the organization regarding IT security.Companies may also refer to various IT-security regulations imposed by governments as their points of reference. Presently, governments, not just the United States, are coming out with legislations that have an impact on Smart Factories and similar infrastructure.Smart Factories have to invest in the appropriate hardware and software optimized to withstand attacks and other threats to data and IT security. Larger companies opt to set up their own information security management systems, staffing it with specialized personnel. In many cases, companies also acquire the services of IT security service providers to take care of that aspect for them.Perhaps the greatest challenge or obstacle faced by manufacturers when setting up a Smart Factory is the cost involved. It certainly does not come cheap. The I T infrastructure alone requires substantial amounts of investment or capital outlay. In addition, the hiring of talent with specialized skills that will coincide with the requirements of the Smart Factory will also come at a steep price. Still, manufacturers are lucky in that they can still find cost-effective ways to implement smart manufacturing solutions and principles. In the long run, when implemented properly and operated correctly, the benefits provided by the Smart Factory will far outweigh the cost incurred by the manufacturers in getting it up and running.

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A Haunting Memory Of Yellow Fever - 1370 Words

Renee Wilda Ms. Vyse English II 15 April 2016 A Haunting Memory of Yellow Fever The fever of 1793 had spread over Philadelphia like a dark depressing blanket. Laurie Halse Anderson takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster as they explore Mattie Cook?s summer of 1793. The summer of 1793 hit Mattie Cook, her family, and her family owned coffee shop very hard. As she spends her days avoiding chores, she finds herself making plans to turn the coffee shop into one of Philadelphia?s finest. Then, all of a sudden her summer takes a sharp turn towards Hell, and the fever breaks out. Her and her grandpa know they must flee for a chance of survival. It does not take long before they figure out the fever is everywhere and is destroying†¦show more content†¦Yellow fever was carried by mosquitos that had bitten people containing yellow fever. The symptoms of yellow fever consisted of Mild cases cause fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting. Serious cases may cause fatal heart, liver, and kidney conditions (Mayo clinic). In the book Fever 1793 Mattie s mother falls ill with the fever, as Mattie explains, mother flew off the pillows violently ill, vomiting blood all over the bed and floor. Her eyes rolled back in her head. (Anderson) Mattie s mother has just woken up ill in the middle of the night. Mattie knows that she is not safe sticking around so her and her grandfather flee in search for a safer place. The description in the book of yellow fever helps influence research and further studies to find a cure because not only does the reader and the audience get a detailed description of the fever, they also see the emotional side. Mattie is scared and she tries her best to take care of the mother all she can without becoming infected herself. Because of the emotional effects it has on the readers, researchers take to account how damaging the virus really is not only to the infected but to the bystanders. Between the years of 1793 and 2016, researchers have come up with ways to lessen the intensity of the symptoms by prescribing, things such as aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and taking the patients into places like hospitals where the patients can and will be kept in a

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Analyzing A Number Of Business Ratios From A Business...

The purpose of this report is to analyse a number of business ratios from a business financial terms. We presented information about the ROA, current ratio, PE ratio etc. and provided how Tesla’s performance was in the share market. These data would be useful for investors when they make investment decisions, and it is also important to Tesla’s managements for corporation development in the future. It is recommended that it is difficult to evaluate precisely on the share price due to the incompletely exposure on the overall information.Tesla Motors, Inc. is a technology innovation company which designs, manufactures and sells electronic vehicle. Electronic vehicle not only save money, but also contribute efficiently a healthy and stable†¦show more content†¦If earnings are expected to grow in the future, the estimated P/E will be lower than the current P/E. This measure is also used to compare one company to another with a forward-looking focus. Earnings per sh are reflects the profitability of the business. This rate indicates the profit per share created. The higher EPS, the more profit created. However, the low EPS doesn’t necessarily mean the business has performed badly. Although Tesla’s EPS growth rate (-193.6% EPS for the current year) is low, Tesla is seen as a prospective business. The reason is the business earns and reinvest its earning back to other field for business development. And the next year expected high EPS growth (135.47%) can also be the fully illustration on this. Return on assets (ROA) measures how profitability a business relates to its total assets. Generally, ROA needs to be positive if the business is growing. However, not all companies with negative ROAs are always bad investments. Tesla’s negative ROA are interpreted that high risk project (trade to fuel) have been reinvested. Although this investment is expected to have a negative ROA after one year or an initial period, but improve over time. When investing in a new area, it takes several years to turn a profit on its initial investment. Current ratio and quickShow MoreRelatedPeach Blossom1288 Words   |  6 PagesRisks: After analyzing the financial statements of Peach Blossom Cologne Company, we have concluded through the change analysis the following accounts contain some measure of audit risk.   In analyzing the change analysis we concluded on threshold amounts of any change exceeding 15% and above the amount of $5000.   If both criteria were met, a business reason and possible client error reason were provided.   The following accounts provide the possibility for audit risk: Cash- Business reason: AcquiredRead MoreFinancial Ratio Analysis in a Company859 Words   |  3 Pagesto Olowe (1997), Financial Ratio Analysis is the relationship between the performance of a company and the monetary data in the financial statements to assist the economic conditions. Financial ratio was defined by Robert (1994) as two financial variables being used that have been taken from either the income statement or from the balance sheet. Ratio analysis is a tool that is brought in by individuals to perform an evaluative analysis of information in the company’s financial statements. It isRead MoreAnalysis of United Technologies Corporation1672 Words   |  7 Pageshelicopters. The industrial side is comprised of; Otis, Carrier and Kidde. Having such a diverse and global mix of business brings both stability and cross functional talent to every business unit across the globe. With over 200,000 employees worldwide UTC has an uncompromised diverse workforce. The financial data that has been analyzed within will show conclusively how healthy UTC’s business is. The data will show areas that are striving and others that may be lacking. It is imperative that one lookRead MoreRatio and Financial Ratio Analyisis1712 Words   |  7 PagesRatio and Financial Statements Analysis Kimberly Y. Gruber University of Maryland University College Dr. Sunando Sengupta 07/25/2013 Turnitin Score: 23% Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to examine ratio and financial statement analysis. Such analysis is a useful tool for managers and stakeholders to evaluate a company’s financial health in order to identify opportunities for growth and areas of weakness so as to institute corrective measures.   Financial statements are usedRead MoreMueller Water Products Case Study1656 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis of Mueller Water Products, Inc. Mueller Water Products is the parent company of two smaller business units – Mueller Co. and Mueller Technologies – which makes up one of the largest U.S. manufacturers and distributors of fire hydrants, gate valves, and other water infrastructure products. A merger occurred between Mueller Water Products, LLC, Mueller Water Products Co-Issuer, Inc., and Muller Holdings Company, Inc. in September of 2005 that led to the creation of Mueller Water Products,Read MoreFinancial Analysis1076 Words   |  5 PagesCango Financial CanGo Financial Analysis Report The success of a business depends on its ability to remain profitable over the long term, while being able to pay all its financial obligations and earning above average returns for its shareholders. This is made possible if the business is able to maximize on available opportunities and very efficiently and effectively use the resources it has to create maximum value for all involved stakeholders. One way the performance of a company can be measuredRead MoreCango Financial1127 Words   |  5 PagesCanGo Financial Analysis Report The success of a business depends on its ability to remain profitable over the long term, while being able to pay all its financial obligations and earning above average returns for its shareholders. This is made possible if the business is able to maximize on available opportunities and very efficiently and effectively use the resources it has to create maximum value for all involved stakeholders. One way the performance of a company can be measured on critical areasRead MoreAnalyzing Financial Statements Of Mandrake Motorcycle1018 Words   |  5 PagesAnalyzing Financial Statements of Mandrake Motorcycle Scott Giles, Dayne Dickson, Dale Bierman Bellevue University Analyzing Financial Statements of Mandrake Motorcycle When companies have an interest in partnering, it is prudent for each to conduct a financial analysis–ensuring that both parties are making a sound investment. The purpose of the financial analysis is to scrutinize the profitability and financial stability of a company, while addressing any concerns (Jiambalvo, 2014, p. 535)Read MoreWileyPLUS Chapter Two1272 Words   |  6 Pagesclassified balance sheet. In a classified balance sheet, companies classify assets as current assets; long-term investments; property, plant, and equipment; and intangibles. They classify liabilities as either current or long-term. A stockholders equity section shows common stock and retained earnings. 2Identify and compute ratios for analyzing a companys profitability. Profitability ratios, such as earnings per share (EPS), measure aspects of the operating success of a company for a given periodRead MoreApple Inc. An American Corporation1259 Words   |  6 Pagescurrently has 92,600 employees worldw ide. However, there are 1,027,000 U.S jobs created or supported by Apple. 627K jobs are attributed to the iOS ecosystem, 334K jobs are at other companies resulting from Apple’s spending and growth. Apple has 265 retail stores across the country; 66K is the total number of employees in the U.S. The members on the board of directors consist of Arthur D. Levinson, Ph.D Chairman of the Board, Andrea Jung, President and CEO of Grameen America, Inc., Tim Cook Apple’s CEO

Movie Genre Free Essays

Amanda Oman HUM 1900 Research Paper Dredd: Judge, Jury and Executioner In a dystopian era plagued by radiation, Dredd is one of the Judges, which is the only presence of law in the land. The most feared of all Judges, Dredd is on a mission to stop the distribution and use of a new drug, â€Å"Slo-Mo†. While training a new Judge, Dredd and his trainee are caught in a slum apartment where a drug lord, Ma-Ma, has gained control over almost all of the inhabitants. We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Genre or any similar topic only for you Order Now The two Judges must fight for survival when the futuristic apartment building’s security is taken over by the drug lord with one mission: to kill Dredd and save the business. Films are generally pretty personal things. What one person loves, another may hate, and there are many concepts that can or cannot be included to create the desired effect. Regardless, there are a few things a film needs that everyone can agree on; an interesting plot, believable characters, captivating dialogue, a realistic set design, and must have a destination (and get there in a reasonable time). Dredd accomplishes all of these with ease, and was a film worth seeing. The plot is pretty basic, and while the basic idea of clashing with authority and who will prevail isn’t relatively new, Dredd presents the concept in a fresh way. Thrilling and suspenseful, Dredd is very well written and captivates the audience. NPR reviewed the film, stating, â€Å"Dredd works because it’s an action flick with wide appeal that takes risks it doesn’t need to – in its delightfully off-putting violence and daring style – and those choices pay off in a singular and exhilarating movie experience. It’s savage, beautiful and loads of fun. (ARNOLD)† Taking something so extraordinarily simple and making a masterpiece is what Alex Garland, the writer, has done. While there seems to be a constant flow of action scenes, the rising action isn’t typical backstory stuff. It offers the pertinent information, but in an energetic way. The climax is certainly the definition of, with more guns and ammunition than you can shake a stick at. Dredd lacks in the falling action, but after the previous high point, any more action may border on too much. Judges are self-described as â€Å"Judge, Jury and Executioner†, being given the power to determine charges on scene, and execute the appropriate punishment immediately. This kind of power is overwhelming and one would expect anyone in this position to be a bit arrogant and demeaning. This demeanor is shown exceptionally well by the Judges at the end of the movie. Many are on Ma Ma’s payroll and corrupted Judges are aplenty. These characters act, as one would expect, prompting the audience to feel a bit of animosity towards them: aptly so, since they are part of the villainous crowd. With a plot as dramatic and intense as Dredd’s, the set must be equally astonishing. Set in a futuristic time, after bouts of radiation, Mega-City One looks drastically different than Earth in present day. Shooting in South Africa provided plenty of vast land to create the perfect set that accurately portrayed the ‘goings-on’. The set is authentic and eerie, and strangely draws you in to the point that when you leave the theater, you wonder where all of the sunlight came from. This kind of believable set makes the movie experience that much more enjoyable. â€Å"I am the law†. Potentially one of the most raw lines in the film, this is the overall theme of the Judge’s attitudes. Being a drama, the film must deliver dialogue that is as captivating as the other elements of the film. Audiences love wit, one-liners, and humor, of any variety. Christy Lemire, from Rotten Tomatoes states, â€Å"A wickedly dark comic streak breaks up the vivid violence. LEMIRE) (ARNOLD) (LEMIRE; WATERCUTTER)† While pretty dry, the humor exists in the form of simple lines, delivered mostly by Dredd himself. But, in fact, the movie is devoid of too much dialogue, giving the audience the ability to absorb the beautiful set and the extreme action shots that seem to never end. Dredd could have offered more in the w ay of ‘captivating dialogue’, but Karl Urban, who plays Dredd, makes up for it with the delivery, using his raspy, Clint Eastwood-like voice. Perhaps the most important part of the movie is the plot, and how the movie reacts and evolves around the plot. The natural progression of things, the speed of that progression, and the in-betweens of the plot are all extremely important in holding the audience’s attention and not boring them half to death, or leaving them in the dust, confused. Dredd’s plot is pretty simple; stay alive in a post-radiation era while trying to solve a crime and bring down a drug lord. With the wrong writer, Dredd could be very short, and very boring. However, Garland creates intensity and draws the viewer in with numerous action scenes and suspense with not knowing if they will survive or not. Wired. com calls Dredd, â€Å"a fantastic action spectacle set against the back drop of two people trying to escape hell on Earth. There are massive bombtastic fights, near-death face offs, and bro-ing out between new BFFs Anderson and Dredd. (WATERCUTTER)† The climax is reached in due time, with an ending that, as a viewer, you can’t help but shout a little â€Å"hoo-ra† at. Dredd is strong on the dialogue and characters, but shines on the set and plot areas. An astonishing set and a plot with non-stop action make Dredd an intense film you won’t want to miss. Works Cited WATERCUTTER, ANGELA. â€Å"Review: Dredd 3D Puts Splashy Slo-Mo Spin on Ultraviolence. † 21 Sept. 2012. Wired. Com. 29 Oct. 2012 ;http://www. wired. com/underwire/2012/09/review-dredd-3d/;. ARNOLD, JOEL. â€Å"Nothing To ‘Dredd’ About A New Action Adaptation. † 20 Sept. 2012. NPR. 29 Oct. 2012 ;http://www. npr. org/2012/09/20/161272582/nothing-to-dredd-about-a-new-action-adaptation;. LEMIRE, CHRISTY. â€Å"Review: 3-D makes beautifully bleak `Dredd’ pop . † 19 Sept. 2012. Rotten Tomatoes. 29 Oct 2012 ;www. rottentomatoes. com;. How to cite Movie Genre, Essay examples

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Living With Computers Essays - File Sharing, Copyright Infringement

Living With Computers Ergonomics is the study of the physical relationships between humans and their tools, such as computers. Office chairs should be adjustable in height and should have lower-back support and arm rests. Desks that allow proper keyboard height and special ergonomic keyboards have been developed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, a type of repetitive stress injury. To avoid damaging your eyes, avoid starring at the screen for long periods, position yourself from the monitor between two and five feet from your eyes, make sure no bright lights reflect off your screen, and use a monitor that has a relatively large screen without noticeable flicker. The computer industry has become know the fast pace rate of obsolescence, with both hardware and software being replaced every couple of years. Some of the leading toxic wastes coming form homes and offices are heavy metals used extensively in batteries, such as cadmium. Although some experts recommend leaving computers on all the time, this practice was shown to consume unnecessary amounts of electricity. One response has been the development of energy star equipment, which conserves electricity even when left on. Our legal system is gradually developing a code of laws to provide a legal framework for working with computers and on the Internet. The most prevalent breach of law in cyberspace is software piracy, the illegal copying or use of a program. Copyright laws relevant to computers and software are covered by the Copyright Act of 1976 and the Software Piracy and counterfeiting Amendment of 1983. Instead of building copy protection into their programs, most software developers discourage privacy among organizations by offering site licenses and network versions. Software viruses are parasitic programs that can replicate themselves, infect computers, and destroy data. Users can protect their data and software by using an anti-virus program. Hardware is sometimes stolen for the value of the data stored on it rather that for the value of the machine itself. Government, legal professionals, and computing professionals continue to debate computer-related ethical questions and attempt to develop laws that protect the freedoms of computer users while limiting immoral or illegal use of computers. Few actual laws, however, have been created or enforced to requiring computer users to let their own sense of ethics guide them. Practices such as excessive e-mailing, sharing objectionable or illegal material, and theft of intellectual property all create ethical questions for everyday computer users. It is my opinion that if we are to live comfortably with computers, we must first use common sense to realize that everything we do has a cause and effect. We must take on the responsible as humans to utilize technology to change the World for the better, because if we dont, the misuse of technology will eventually be the downfall humankind. Computers and Internet